Research shows theory exam CBR again positive

You only pass the theory exam if you have sufficient knowledge of the traffic rules. This is again demonstrated by follow-up research by independent research institute RCEC into possible unforeseen predictions in the theory test for the car. 

Some predictions have been found. These are generally not or hardly usable as a mnemonic or not undesirable. In the case of large question banks such as those of the CBR, the risk of unforeseeable predictions arises. In order to prevent this, the CBR regularly carries out this investigation. In recent years, the CBR has added thousands of new questions and new types of questions and has refreshed images. In this way, the CBR improves the theory exam step-by-step and tests even better whether a candidate knows the rules, understands them and has insight in traffic.

At TCN we include these changes directly in our teaching material.

Source: CBR