Smart practise for your car theory exam, but how?

You can practise for your CBR theory exam in several ways. Through self-study, classroom- and online-training. Here your decide what fitst you best and how to study smarter.


What are your CBR study options?

For your theory exam you can practise in several ways. Through self-study. Through an online crash course with self-training and practise exam possibilities. Or through a one-day crash course on location followed by the CBR theory exam. This is all your decision, depending on what suits you best.

Theory College Netherlands (TCN) is offering all these types of courses, but they have stopped doing crash courses on location, without self-training because it has appeared that students prefer studying and training on a time, date and location of their choice. The CBR exam results of these online groups appear to be the best of all training methods.

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In addition to this, it appears that these groups retain the studied material much better during their practical education for car or moped. They save a minimum of 3-5 extra driving lessons. Count on saving around € 150-250 on your driving lessons which are normally needed to comprehend and implement traffic rules when they are not internalized due to insufficient theory knowledge.

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When do you start with CBR theory training?

From the age of 16 you are allowed to start the theory. This is possible before you start following practical drviving lessons. It is required that you have passed your theory exam before you can take your practical exam. We advise you to start the theory as soon as possible, or even before you start your practical lessons. This way you are better prepared to put it into practice and you will learn, comprehend and implement eveything much faster during your driving lessons. It can easlily save you up to 3-5 extra driving lessons!

Passing your theory exam is the preparation for the “real deal”. After all, your theory certificate is 50% of your driving licence! It will provide half of the many, many safe kilometres which you want to travel in your car.

CBR theorie garandeert veilige auto kilometers

A good preparation of your CBR theory exam consists of?

Many candidates prepare insufficiently. They think they don’t need a good theory training. For example; they use a 3rd hand theory book. Or they do not use up-to-date practise exams and/or they simply just spend too little time on their preparation.

This results in failing your theory exam one or even several times. This does not only generates extra exam costs but your practical driving training will also be delayed, with extra costs as a result.

Of course there are difficult questions in the exams, but CBR develops the exam questions extra thoroughly with imput of many experts. Therefore it is only a fable that the theory exam if full of trick questions, which are only there to make you fail the test.

Make sure you head off to your theory exam well prepared and you have acces to the latest CBR study material. Pay attention to this with all trainers and their study material!

Have you passed? Then you are showing you comprehend the traffic rules, have a good insight into several traffic situations and you also recognize danger. You can study and practise this in several ways, which are explained below.


Study Car theory B through online crash course in small groups of through self-study (Dutch and UK instructors)

Theory College Netherlands (TCN) trains online in small groups ( not in full online classroom) With a laptop, tablet or even a phone you can follow and study all online lesson material. TCN constantly uses the last CBR recommended lesson materials and the last current CBR practise exams with practise questions.

Online CBR theorie spoedopleiding door TCN

Do you prefer studying on your own and do you want to own your theory certificate fast? Sign up now for your theory because at Theory College Netherlands (TCN) you can start immediately with one of our online courses or your personal self-study course. In both cases you’ll study at the time and location of your preference.

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Sign up for the online theory crash course!

Extra CBR theory practise questsions

Do you want to, just to be sure, train extra CBR practise questions before your exam? That’also an option. Click on the right page for for example 500 or 1000 of the current and frequently asked CBR practise theory questions. Prepare yourself to the fullest with these practise questions and pass first time for your CBR theory exam for the car.


Special English online CBR theory training for non- EU expats and immigrants

Theory College Netherlands (TCN) also provides, as the only CBR-theory training institute with certified English trainers, online crash courses in order to pass the CBR theory exam Car for the Dutch driving licence. This UK CBR theory training for the Dutch driving licence is specially aimed at non-EU expats and immigrants. The training takes into account; the disadvantage foreigners have to specific Dutch traffic rules and situations. Also will specific Dutch exam-related words will be trained, which are not being translated by CBR in the CBR UK exam questions.

With this approach it’s easier to remember acquired knowledge and immediately implement in the practical driving lessons and the practical exam for your Dutch driving licence. The training method makes sure you own your coveted Dutch driving licence faster. Additionally the studied material will be memorised for a longer perion of time to drive safely on the busy Dutch roads. Here you can read everything about the obligations to convert your foreign non-EU driving licence to a Dutch driving licence for a longer residence in the Netherlands.


This is the theory exam procedure

You’ll be doing the theory exam at one of the CBR exam locations of your choice. You can book this exam through MyCBR. When you have passed the test, your certificate will be valid for 18 months. Within this time you can easily get your driving licence with a proper driving school. Theory College Netherlands cooperates with well known driving school LesDirect in the Eindhoven region. LesDirect also offers an unique accelerated Arrive & Drive programme for expats en immihgrants to get your drivers licence even in one week if you need it fast!

However you can take driving lessons at the driving school of your preference. But make sure they have UK instructors.

Autorijschool Eindhoven en omstreken

The theory exam whcih you’ll be taking at a CBR location of your choice, is through a modern touch screen and consists of 65 multiple choice questions within 30 minutes about:

  • Hazard perception
  • Knowledge (traffic rules)
  • Insight
  1. Hazard perception
    You’ll answer 25 questions about hazard perception, of which 13 must be answered correctly. Per question you’ll have 8 seconds time. You’ll have to respond quickly, in accordance with real traffic.
  2. Knowledge
    You’ll answer 12 questions mainly about traffic rules. A minimum of 10 questions must be answered correctly.
  3. Insight
    You’ll answer 28 questions about traffic insight. a minimum of 25 questions must be answered correctly.

CBR voorbeeld single sleepvraag

Here you can watch the CBR video about: ‘The theory exam procedure’


What type of theory exam for car suits you best?

During the booking of a theory exam date MyCBR, you’ll have several different types of theory exam options to choose from. We’ll be discussing those options here:


Theory exam in English

The regular theory exam can also be taken in English. You’ll be taking this exam in the exam room on a touh screen. You’ll have 30 minutes time for this theory exam in the English language.

In this English exam you could encounter some typically Dutch words and definitions. In the Theory College Netherland’s English online theory crash course these definitions are discussed and trained additionally.


Theory exam with addidional time in Dutch or English

Sometimes you need some extra time to do an exam. For instance when you suffer from dyslexia or another disorder.

You can book and take a theory exam with additional time. You’ll have an additional 15 minutes time. This only applies to the traffic rules and insight sections, but not for the hazard perception section.

You’ll be taking the theory exam in the exam room and you can opt to let the question be read to you by a digital voice. You’ll be using ear plugs handed to you by CBR. Do you own a Dyslexia diagnosis declaration? In this case you can ask for a refund of the surcharge within 14 days after the exam date.


Theory exam with interpreter

Do you whish to take the exam in another language than the Dutch language? This is possible through TolkenNet. Here you can arrange your own official interpreter. You should arrange this 2 weeks prior the exam. This way you are certain there is an interpreter available during your exam.

Do you want to take a theory exam with an interpreter? This is also possible. You’ll arange your own individually guided exam.

Do you urgently need a sign language interpreter? You’ll book a theory exam with sign language interpreter. You can arrange the interpreter yourself. This can also be a family member.


Individually guided exam

Do you suffer from fear of failure, autism or another disorder? It is possible to the the theory exam in an empty exam room together with a CBR employee. The exam questions will e read by this employee. The content of the questions is 100% similar to the regular theory exam.

The CBR employee clarifies the exam procedure. The employee does not clarify the exam quetions and does not translate exam questions to another language. You can only book this exam if you have already taken an exam with additional time or an individually guided exam. Or if you have a declaration of permission of a medical specialist.


CBR typen theorie-examens


What’s the CBR car theory exam procedure at the exam location like?

What do you take with you to your theory exam?

To your theory exam you bring:

valid identity document and your reservation number. This number is stated in the letter or email you have received after your online sign- up. In the exam room you can only bring your identity document.


What’s the theory exam procedure like?

At the exam centre you’ll be called in into the exam room digitally. You’ll see a remote touchscreen through which you can answer the exam questions in a shielded seat.

The theory exam itself consists of 3 sections:

  • Hazard perception – Recognising danger and how to act in this situation
  • Knowledge – You show you can recognise and name facts and rules
  • Insight – You show you can adapt rules and make the right decision.

All traffic rules and the meaning of traffic signs can be found on Nice to have a look at.


How long does the theory exam take?

You have 30 minutes for the regular theory exam. For the theory exam with additonal time and also the individually guided exam you’ll both have 45 minutes. The additional 15 minutes does not apply to the “hazard perception” section.


How many mistakes can I make?

The section Harzard Perception consists of 25 questions, of which 13 or more must be correct. The Knowedge section consists of 12 questions of which 10 or more must be correct. The Insight section consists of 28 questions of which 25 or more must be correct. At the Knowledge and Insight sections you also get 2 test questions.


The procedure at the CBR exam centre

You make sure you are present at the CBR centre of your choice 15 minutes in advance. In the exam centre you follow these steps: 

1. Sign up at the registration pedestal

Fill in your reservation number and check your details. This number is in the letter or email you have received from CBR after your online registration.

2. Wait until it’s your turn

You wait in the waiting room and follow the instructions on the screens. Ons the screens you’ll see your reservation number and your status.

  • 'Signed in’: You are signed in for the exam. As soon as there is a free spot you are being called in. 
  • Personal belongings in your locker’ means: you’re almost up. You now put your belongings in your locker except for your ID.
  •  ‘Go to start exam’: It’s your turn. You sign up at the desk ‘Start exam’.

3.  ‘Start exam’ you sign in at the desk

A CBR employee checks your ID and you’ll receive a table number. If you’ll take an exam with extended time you’ll recieve your earplugs here as well.

4. The CBR theory exam

You’ll take a seat in the exam room at the corresponding table. Place your ID on the table and fill in your reservation number on the remote sreen. Check your email address and press “start”. Then follow the instructions on the screen.

Voorbeeld CBR meerkeuze ja nee vraag

5. End of the exam

After the exam you’ll get the result immmediately on your remote screen.

CBR geslaagd of gezakt

6. You leave the exam area and take your belongings from your locker. You can go home now.


The theory exam results

Within around 15 minutes you will also receive your exam results by email. On the result form you’ll see the exam subjects which you know sufficiently and insufficiently. This is useful while preparing for your retake. At the start of your exam you will check the registered email address or fill this in. This way you’ll receive the extended results on the right email address.

You have passed?

Congratulations! The result is valid for 1,5 years. Within this time you have to pass for your CBR practical exam for car, in order to receive a valid Dutch driving licence. You will do this together with a drving school of your preference.

You have failed?

In the email you can read which subject need extra attention when studying for you net theory exam. With Theory College Netherlands online theory course you can follow a new CBR crash course free of charge.


CBR theory exam study and practise

You can study for your car theory in many different ways. How you do this is up to you. CBR does not publish study materials like books, but we do have some tips for you to study the theory.


Theory studying tips

  • You can follow theory lessons at a driving school. Some driving schools offer both practical lessons and theory lessons. But you can also follow theory lessons with a training institute you prefer. For example Theory College Netherlands (TCN)  which is a special CBR theory exam training institute where you can get all online training tools to prepare yourself well and fast to your CBR theory exam..

  • You can also get a CBR theory book at TCN to study individually for your theory exam. Moreover you buy a theory book in a (online) book store or with your own trainer. Maybe you can get a second hand theory book from someone else. But pay attention to the age of the book. It must be a recent copy. Traffic rules and also your CBR exam questions change all the time.


Sign up for the TCN online theory crash course!


Practise for your theory exam

  • We advise you to study the theory before you start to practise the theory exam. This way you know for sure you understand the study material and adapt it properly. This is the best guarantee to get through your driving education fast and effectively.

Gevaarherkenning auto theorie CBR 

Practise hazard perception car theory exams

Hazard perception =  Noticing possible dangerous situations on time, recognising and predicting possible dangerous situations and also act on them to avert danger. Hazard perception is part of the CBR theory exam. In the official CBR theory exam you’ll get 25 questions about hazard percenption and with each question 3 answers are possible:” Brake”, “release the gaspedal”, or “do nothing”.

Brake, release gas pedal or do nothing?

You choose to brake when you have to reduce speed considerably or even have to stop completely with immediate danger. You choose Release the gas pedal when there is imminent danger, but not yet to be seen. Is everything normal? You choose to do nothing. On the CBR theory exam you have 8 seconds to answer these questions.

While answering the hazard perception questions, pay attention to the traffic rules, traffic signs and also road markings. Also pay attention to road conditions, weather conditions and the safety of all road users. You almost always opt for Brake when one of the following situations is the case:

  • Bad road conditions
  • Bad weather conditions
  • Big differences in speed between the different road users
  • Traffic jams, congestions or blockage
  • Disabled people, children, the elderly
  • Road narrowings, narrow roads, oncoming traffic or obstacles
  • Dangerous or unclear situations
  • Crowded areas, shopping areas and or schools
  • Drukke gebieden; winkelgebieden en/of scholen


CBR theorie-examen gevaarherkenning


Study online for your CBR theory exam: Theorie College Nederland

Are you looking for the best preparation for your theory exam? Are you looking for an institute which makes sure you have enough time and you know eveything you need to know? Are you looking for a trainer who gives you all the imput you need in your own time and on location of preference? Theory College Netherlands (TCN) offers you all of this!

With Theory College Netherlands you can count on an always up to date online course. This way you are always informed about the latest changes in CBR traffic regulations. Here you read what other students think of our online course and you’ll be convinced that Theorie College Nederland is the best place for you to follow an proper online crash course which isn’t too expensive!

Excellent 9/10

Based on 100++ students

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The best preparation to your theory exam is the one you get with Theory College Netherlands. The understand you like no other. Getting your driving licence B is actually a must have. In order to get your driving licence you have to take two exams, your practical exam and your theory exam. But before you can do a practical exam you need to succesfully pass your theory exam. This means plenty of studying!

Theory College Netherlands offers you the right study environment to get the CBR theory in your own pace in only 2 half-days or 1 day. This way you don’t have to worry about getting your licence fast. Experience the well-designed online CBR theory exam study environment for a tempting price.


Study theory with all TCN oline modules

Theory College Netherlands offers you the opportunity to study the theory material fast within 2 half-days or 1 day. Within your own study environment you’ll find the complete study material for your driving licence B in a clear step-by –step plan according to the recommended CBR learning system.

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Make sure you’ll get the ultimate preparation to your exam. Find the theory trainer who makes sure you have enough time and know everything you need to know? TCN gives you acces to all the study material, 2 half-days training by experienced trainers, the learning questions through which they’ll prepare you to the fullest so you successfully can pass your theory exam. The Theory College Netherlands online theory classroom is including:

  • CBR Current digital theory book (PDF)
  • Unlimited training 
  • Alle exams and 1300+  questions
  • All recommended CBR categories
  • According to recommended CBR learning system
  • 7/365 premium support


Sign up for your online theory course here!


Theory exam training with CBR exam practise questions

Do you want your theory exam to have a bigger chance of being a success? You can! TCN also offers, included with the complete study material, the theory exams to practise online. You have over 1500 up to date questions at your disposal, so passing your theory test will be a piece of cake! Hundreds of students have passed through this TCN study method.

Moreover, you can rely on an always up to date online crash course. This way you are always informed about the latest traffic regulation changes. Hope to see you soon!

For a Dutch driving licence you’ll be driving with safely, world wide and for many years!

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