The Online Theory Crash Course and costs

Theory College Netherlands CBR theory exam

The Online theory training High-Speed is the most efficient theory crash course in the Netherlands, which teaches you all the compulsory subjects of the CBR theory exam in just a day ór 2 half days.

The training consists of 14 short, powerful chapters that each deal with a main topic of the CBR theory exam, followed by a number of tough practice questions. It only takes you 10 to 15 minutes to study a chapter. You will have access to your Theory Crash course training for 2 months.

At the end of the Theory crash course you have 5 hours access to practice questions per subject, selected difficult exam questions and 40 complete exam trainings. It consists, just like the CBR theory exam, of: Hazard perception, Traffic rules (knowledge) and Traffic insight (knowledge +).

You will receive the acces link after signing up for our online crash course. You don't need anything other than your laptop, tablet or phone. And of course a nice glass of water, coffee or tea.

Rest and nutrition

What is most relevant is that you’ve had a good night’s rest and and a good meal. That way you can concentrate better and you’ll take in the learning material best. We take care of the rest in our wonderful digital setting!

Last training and your exam

After the crash course you can comfortably practice in your own online theory practise platform. In order to leave well rested to the CBR exam location of your choice to take the theoretical exam. You will return passed!

Theory success guarantee

Students who exceptionally haven’t passed the exam for various reasons, are invited to retake the online theory course once with us for free. Provided you have passed at least 2 complete theory exams in the online practise platform.


Costs of the Theory College Netherlands online course

  • The Online Theory crash course including Theory Book € 69,95 excluding VAT and shipping
  • The CBR theory-exam itself is excluded in above price

You can choose any CBR exam center in the Netherlands for various theory exams:

  • Regular theoretical exam: NL € 42,50 / ENG € 46,00 
  • Theoretical exam with extended time. The additional costs will be €12,00. When you are dyslectic and you have an official dyslexia declaration, you can reclaim the additional costs of the exam through this form within 14 days.
  • Individually guided exam (without an interpreter) when you have done a theoretical exam including extra time before, the additional costs will be € 58,00.

Click to see which theoretical exam suits you best.

Important: CBR theory exam booking tip ...

Don't book your exam with one of the many intermediaries online, as well as booking through the first link you find with Google search. This way you'll prevent yourself from paying too much and non-matching exam dates.

You easily book directly your theory exam through CBR itself!

>> Only use this online link through MyCBR.

Try to look several times a day to see if there is a suitable date for you. Every other hour new dates are being released in the short and in the long term.

Online Dutch CBR Theory Crash Course

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